JenNet-IP Evaluation Kits Now Available from NXP

JenNet-IP Evaluation Kits Now Available from NXP

Comprehensive development platform for the Internet of Things

Eindhoven, Netherlands and Sheffield, UK, July 11, 2012 – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) today announced the availability of evaluation kits featuring JenNet-IP™ wireless network layer software for the Internet of Things. The JenNet-IP-EK040 evaluation kit provides all the components needed to create applications for IPv6-based networks for lighting and home automation, based on NXP’s JN514x series of ultra-low-power single-chip wireless microcontrollers. In addition, NXP is launching a certification program for JenNet-IP. The certification program will make provision for testing end products to ensure performance and interoperability between all devices bearing the JenNet-IP name and logo.

The JenNet-IP evaluation kit includes 4 wireless sensor nodes; 4 plug-in “shields”; 2 high-power modules; 2 high-power USB dongles; a router; a remote control; and a software development kit. Based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, JenNet-IP software comprises the self-healing JenNet tree networking stack; the IETF 6LoWPAN IP layer; and JIP, a powerful and flexible application layer enabling interoperability between devices.

With JenNet-IP, up to 500 devices in the home can each have their own unique IPv6 address, turning the home into an extension of the Internet at a very low cost. Lights and other home appliances can be easily connected, monitored and controlled over the Internet. For example, GreenWave Reality’s Connected Lighting solution using JenNet-IP allows for the intelligent management and control of lighting without touching any wiring or switches in the home. The GreenWave Reality solution enables consumers to dim and turn lights on or off with their hand-held remote or through the use of smart controls, such as “Night”, to turn off all the lights from your smart phone. Internet-enabled smart lighting alone could reduce power consumption by 30 percent, by dimming and turning off lights when they aren’t required.

A “first look” at the new eval kit is available here:

Evaluation Kit: The JenNet-IP-EK040 evaluation kit includes the following items:

  • Four wireless sensor nodes, including modules based on JN5148-J01 and JN5142-J01 chips; USB micro-B connectors; a JN514x IO expansion port; support for USB, battery or an external power supply unit (not included); and two USB cables
  • Four plug-in shields with an Arduino-compatible footprint featuring 3 dimmable bright white LEDs; temperature, light level and humidity sensors
  • Two high-power JN5148-J01 modules for extended range
  • Two high-power USB dongles for sniffer and coordinator
  • A router providing connection to Ethernet, with Custom Open WRT software and power supply
  • A capacitive touch remote control
  • A free and unlimited Eclipse based software development kit including the Eclipse IDE, Flash memory programmer; microcontroller and peripheral libraries; and the JenNet-IP library

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